Cynthia was a dream to work with in navigating the fast-paced Southern California real estate market to find the home of my dreams. A top-notch real estate professional is what I found when I discovered Cynthia’s caring, communicative, trust-worthy way of doing business and treating people with dignity and respect. Now I have a friend in the business. You should too.

My experience with Cynthia was exceptional. Here are her attributes. 1. She was prompt and replied to every one of our requests. 2. She arrived on time to every one of our meetings 3. She was very knowledgeable and handled every aspect of the deal 4. she had our best interests and I observed no conflict of interest (e.g., even though the agent’s incentive is to close a deal as quick as possible, she made sure we were comfortable with the deal). I will be happy to discuss with potential clients my positive experience with her, and I will hire her for any future engagements I have.

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